Apr 012012
Nokia drive live traffic information

Mobile company Nokia has launched Live traffic information service “Traffic Feature” for its Smartphones. Read on to know what this feature can do for you and how to avail Nokia “Traffic Feature” on your Nokia smartphone (Symbian or Windows).

This feature is available on all Nokia Mobile phones supporting Nokia Maps application. This feature gives you live traffic information on all possible routes to your target destination. Then you can choose the best possible route on Nokia Maps to reach your destination.

Nokia maps live traffic information

On Lumia Mobile phones this feature is available by default when you open the Nokia Drive app. On Symbian mobile phones users will have to open Nokia Maps app and then tap on Nokia Drive to enjoy this facility of live traffic updates from Nokia. Nokia has joined hands with Navteq Traffic Pro to provide this service.

According to director sales – location and commerce, Nokia India, Rajat Tandon

“Fully developed by Nokia and powered by Navteq traffic pro, the application offers coverage with detailed information on traffic speeds on roads to enable accurate estimated arrival times that would help consumers to save time and fuel”

So use Nokia Traffic Feature on Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive and enjoy a hassle free, speedy and fuel efficient drive to your destination.

This post was originally published on Indigic.com