Nov 072012
NOKIA Lumia 920 is better than iPhone 5

If you are considering buying a iPhone or a similar smartphone you will do yourself a favor to wait for Nokia Lumia 920. Read on to know why Nokia Lumia 920 is a better smartphone vs iPhone.

1.  Lumia 920 has bleeding edge features

Lumia 920 wireless charging vs iPhone5

Nokia Lumia 920 comes loaded with some latest technologies like NFC and Wireless charging. Now, many critics say that these features are not mainstream and hence carry little weight in the Lumia 920 Vs iPhone 5 comparison. However, from the example of iPhone itself it can be understood how fast technology is adopted. iPhone brought the touch (rather multitouch”) in 2007 and in just a year or so it became a mainstream technology. So it will not be long before leading hotels, outlets and other money transactions avenues will be offering NFC payments (some like Mcdonalds actually offer NFC presently ) and you will see wireless charging pads everywhere -Airports, Hotel Lounges, Metro Stations etc. Android world has already adopted the technology and that is a whopping 50% smartphone market share. So world will certainly not wait for Apple’s adoption of NFC to make it mainstream  It is better to be running ahead of technology curve rather than crawling behind it.

2. Unique design of Lumia 920

Unique design of Lumia 920 VS IPHONE5

Nokia Lumia 920 stands out of the crowd because of its unique design and build. Build quality is of premium quality with polycarbonate and matt finish, Corning Gorilla glass technology and curved glass to make it more beautiful and sturdy.Moreover Nokia Lumia 920 comes in some exciting colors like Yellow and Red besides the usual bland colors like Grey and black. Nokia Lumia gives arguably a better build quality, a compelling beautiful design and a better color choice than iPhone 5.

3. Seamless Operating System WIndows Phone 8 (WP8)

Nokia Lumia runs Windows Phone 8 from software giant Microsoft while iPhone runs iOS6. iOS6 is an iteration of Apple’s already hugely successful mobile operating system iOS. WP8 is a new offering from Microsoft and though detailed analysis is not available for this yet unreleased mobile OS impressions and reactions so far have been positive. WP8 has been appreciated for its smooth operation, stability and eye-catching Live Tiles user interface in the limited preview available to tech experts. A smooth OS is always expected from Microsoft as software is Microsoft’s forte. What is uniquely good about WP8 is that it will be seamlessly integrated to all Windows devices specially Windows 8 devices. iPhone 5 with iOS offers the same integration in Apple ecosystem but Apple’s computing ecosystem is still small compared with Windows because of Windows dominance of Notebook and PC & Peripherals market. Windows Phone 8 makes Nokia Lumia 920 an edge as it will integrate beautifully with the existing installed base of Windows devices bringing the benefits of totally integrated mobile computing (read productivity) experience to a lot of people already invested in Windows ecosystem.

4. Breakthrough Camera Technology

Breakthrough Camera Technology LUMIA 920 VS iPHONE5

Nokia has always been an innovator in Mobile camera technology and this shows up beautifully in Nokia Lumia 920 camera. Lumia 920 has 8.7 Megapixel Camera as compared to iPhone 5’s 8 Megapixel camera. However what makes Lumia 920 Camera special is not related to more Megapixels but to the underlying superior camera technologies like Carl Zeiss optics and “Floating Lens Technology” for Optical Image Stabilization.  iPhone 5 offers pretty good camera capabilities as well but Nokia Lumia 920 completely trumps  iPhone 5 in this department. This has been substantiated by actual Lumia 920 and iPhone camera comparisons by The Verge and Zdnet.

5. The new  “Cool”

Finally customers buy iPhone not only for the towering innovating specs but also the “Coolness” associated with owning an iPhone. But again it does not help owning an iPhone if everyone in your circle owns one. The excitement and the coolness wanes as iPhone has become commonplace. This specially becomes painful when people can not even tell difference between iPhone5 and iPhone4S [video] or even iPhone4.

iPhone used to give you a unique identity earlier but now it pushes you in a herd of people carrying a commonplace device. Nokia Lumia 920 with its bold and bright colors and unique user interface can give you a unique identity again among your peers and if you care about being different from the herd it is certainly worth waiting for Nokia Lumia 920 than buying an iPhone5 now.

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