Jun 212011
tips to save mobile phone battery battery

If you travel a lot and constantly face the problem of low battery in your iPhone, Android or other smartphone, here are some tips for you to do more with less battery.Use these tips to save mobile phone battery power for needy times and to counter low battery problem while travelling.


While travelling mobile phone battery drains faster because your cellphone constantly tries to connect to the changing mobile towers on the way as you travel. Secondly erratic network availability also drains battery specially while travelling on routes where network is not available all the way. Your mobile phone has to continously search for available networks and access the roaming networks leading to quick cellphone battery discharge.

Here is how to save the mobile phone battery power while travelling.

1. Disable 3G network

3G Network consumes more battery power. Switch to GSM mode from 3G (or from UMTS or HSDPA depending on your phone settings) on your mobile phone when in low battery situation.

2. Set display brightness to minimum

Too bright lit display screen eats more battery power. Switch to minimum mode.

3. Set ringing volume and talk volume to                  minimum

Higher volumes are battery hogs. Set it to a low but audible value.

4. Don’t use loudspeaker

Use a Headset or Headphone instead of  loudspeaker to talk.

5. Set network search to “Manual” instead of          “Automatic”

if low on battery set “Manual” option so that your mobile phone will not keep searching for network when no network is available. You can manually search the network any time in case of need.

6. Quit all running applications on your                    smartphone

Specially check that no power hungry applications like camera,web browser, photo gallery or music player are running in background. Quit them all.

7. Use messaging whenever possible while                travelling

With low mobile phone battery this conserves a lot of battery power as talking on phone consumes battery quickly.

8. Kill all active Data connections using your          phone’s “Connection Manager”

Sometimes a data connection may remain active in background due to a widget or app and consume precious battery power. Kill it to save battery.

If you have any other tried and tested trick we will be happy to hear that in comments!!