Jul 222012
best olympics apps

Olympics 2012 will be shortly held in London. Now you can download Olympics App for your iPad, iPhone and Android mobiles to help you watch the games on your mobile device on the go.

Earlier we have discussed about websites to watch London Olympics 2012 live. Today we will tell you about the best iPhone, iPad and Android mobile apps to watch Olympics live.

1. NBC Olympics Live Extra (For iPhone, iPad and Android)

This App has been released by NBC Universal Inc. It is available for iOS 5.0 and above and for Android 2.2 and above. This app will Live stream all Olympics events from London. So you can watch an Olympic game live as it happens on the ground.

nbc olympics app 2012

However this will incur data charges so be warned about your subscription bills. This app is available in a number of languages to choose from.

2. BBC Olympics App (For iOS and Android)

This app is available for iOS and Android both but it is available only for UK users. App is optimized for iOS 5.0 and Android 2.2 and above. This app will provide full live coverage of Olympics along with all the side action and analysis. It also includes a Olympics games dates and event timings guide.

bbc olympics app for iphone and android

Actually this app will provide all the Olympic games coverage done by BBC. The app also supports offline access to saved stories even when mobile network is not available.

3. Team USA Olympics App ( For iPad & iPhone, Android)

Full name of this app is “Team USA Road to London Olympics”. This games app has been released by USA Olympics committee to track all events in which US team participates which means almost all the events. It requires iOS 4.0 or later and Android 2.2 or later.

Official usa olympic team App

It has some cool features like the  ”Cheer” button to send personal Facebook and Twitter messages to your favorite athletes. However, I think that athletes will be devoting more time to events and practice than to social networking during the  games. This App also helps you to to buy Team USA merchandise.

Other Olympic Games Apps

To keep track of Olympics Schedule of events you can use official apps like “London 2012: Join In” (available on Android, iOS and Blackberry) and for results summary you can download “London 2012:Results” (available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7). Download “Join in” and “Results” apps from official Olympics app download page.

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