Jul 182012
olympics live coverage

Olympics 2012 is round the corner and here is a list of five web channels to watch the live coverage of Olympics games from London online on Internet. These Olympics Channels provide live sports as well as side action.

If you want to see live action on your computer screen these are the five best Internet web channels for you to tune in. We will suggest you to bookmark these websites so that you never miss the action as it happens in London.

Olympics games from London online on Internet

1. Olympics.Org

This is official London Olympics Website providing live sports feed from the tracks. It is a great resource not only for games coverage but also for other things happening at the Games village like Athlete interactions etc. You can also buy event tickets and buy Olympic goodies too.

2. CTVOlympics

This is official Youtube channel from Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium. They have a promo feed as well as a collection of 50+ videos related to London Olympics.

3. Official Olympic Youtube Channel by the IOC

This Youtube Olympic channel is courtesy of International Olympics Committee. Here you can watch Live coverage of Olympic Games as well as vintage footage of previous Olympic games.

4. NBC Olympics Live Extra

NBC Olympics channel will cover all 302 events live from London. The only catch is that live coverage of Games is available only in selected countries like United States and U.S. Territories. Sports lovers from other countries can not access Live Olympics feed on NBC Live extra. However, they can access other non-even related videos.

Best part is you can also download NBC Olympics app for AndroidiPhone, and iPad to watch the games live on your smartphone.

5. BBC Sports

BBC sports will cover all Olympic events on their games channel on BBC website. You can also access many other videos related to the games as well as all side action  from London.

Bookmark these websites to keep yourself in tune with all Summer Olympics 2012 in London and enjoy the games.

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