May 232010

?Want to Translate to URDU language or want to read something written in Urdu in your own language?

Translate from Urdu to English or to any other major language of the world using Google Translate services.Now Google Translate provides you instant online translation to and from Urdu to other langages listed in goole translate services.

Urdu is one of the major languages of the world and online translation to Urdu is a great news for all those people who read or write Urdu as well as those who want to learn Urdu as a language.

Urdu Translation
Though translation is still in Alpha mode (means its still in basic form and will be improved substantially) it still works well for basic needs. Five other languages like  Armenian, Azerbaijani, Basque, Georgian are also added in Alpha mode.The only thing lacking is a virtual keyboard for URDU which will help Urdu speaking users in a great way.Lets see when Google guys add that.I will wait with fingers crossed..!!