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Download A Torrent File : Find Right Torrents [How to Guide]

If you are looking for a simple guide to find and download content via torrents on the net then read through this article to spot the right information about the required torrent at the right place to download desired content quickly.

World of torrent files is big…I mean really ‘BIG’. To download the right file needs it considerations which are complex enough to put you in a fix.The common concerns are:

Is it the right file (name and type) and the correct version of what you are looking for?
How and where to find it?
Is it in the right format?
It is with proper ratio of Seeds/Leechers or not?
Is  it of the right size?
What about the quality, specially of video files?
Is it with or without supporting files?
It is password protected or not?
It is fast or slow torrent?
It is a fake or real torrent?

All these questions are answered below to help you download the right torrent file to get the right content.

Is it the right file (name and type) and the correct version of what you are looking for?

First and foremost if you are looking for a specific file (or something on a specific subject) be very clear about it. Do whatever research you want to  or rather need to -online or offline- to come to know exactly what you want. If the file has more than one versions, be clear which is the one that you want.Also, try to find the expected file type i.e. whether it’s a text, game, video, music, pdf  etc. If you couldn’t find out the exact info, then off course hit and trial is your way to go, but try to be as precise as you can as this will save you a lot of time and frustration.

How and where to find the ‘right torrent file’ ?

When you are clear about the filename or subject then simply google your specific filename/subject with the keyword ‘torrent’ and take a look at the results thrown up.You can add other keywords like size and also specify the format you are looking for to increase your success rate.The ‘size’ keyword will give you file size info in the google results itself, making it easier to spot the right choice.

 How to Download A Torrent File : Find Right Torrents

You can take help of torrent search engines like TorrentReactor etc. but Google is still your  best bet.You can directly search your file on the torrent search engines like isohunt or torrentreactor, but searching on google increases your success rate due to the variety it offers. Beware that many of the sites are fake ones with fake results, so you better click on results that come from a reputed name.Get a list of best torrent sites here. Click on the download torrent link to download the torrent file (it is in KBs typically) but before you do that, take a good look at the other info available about the torrent.

What info??…Read on to find out….

Is it in the right format?

Look for the name of the files contained in the torrent (most torrent sites provide this info). The file name tells you about the format. Which format to choose?? Well it is for you to decide. For example, if you want an Ebook, then a .pdf  file will be better than a .txt or .doc file, so look for the pdf format of your favorite Ebook. Similarly, say a video is available in (.dat),(.avi), (.rm) and (.flvformat. But ask yourself which format will serve you best.. may be you will download a .flv file only to find later that you don’t have the right software to play it..So, be careful!

It is with proper ratio of seeds/leechers or not?

If you have spotted the desired torrent file, look at the number of Seeds (number of uploaders) and Leechers (number of downloaders). This info is invariably provided on the download page of torrent. Try to find a torrent with a lot of seeds and small number of leechers. Go for files with seed/leecher ratio greater than one. But if your file hasn’t been seeded by many or not many people have uploaded it then go for it even if there is a single seeder. You don’t know when you will turn lucky to download the file from a single seeder.Moreover, if you are not satisfied with the availability you can post your request to upload a particular file on torrent forums available on torrent sites. Cool….isn’t it?

Is  it of the right size?

Size does matter!! If you want a small size file to store on your PDA, then search for a small size version of the file. For example, a .txt will be smaller than a .pdf  though a little compromised on quality. Similarly a .3gp will be have same content as a .Vob file but then the size difference is in Gigabytes!!

What about the quality specially of video files?

At the same time, a rule of thumb is that, smaller the file size, more compressed it is and in all probability of lower quality in the same proportion. So if high quality is what you want, go for high quality formats. Specially, in case of videos .flv, .rm, .3gp are typically low quality and .avi, .vob, .divx are high quality formats. Many torrents provide samples or screenshots. See them if available to decide if the file is up to the mark. Also read the user comments if available on torrent download site, to find about the quality.

Is it with or without supporting files?

Find out if the torrent has all the supporting files needed. For example you may need a subtitles file with your video download, so look for that in the list of download files contained in the torrent file.

Is it password protected torrent ?

Many files are password protected. More often than not, this info is provided on the download page. Look carefully for this information as there is no point wasting long hours and gallons of bandwidth while downloading a file that asks you a password to be able to open it. Typically, such files are in the form of archives like .zip or .rar. All these files give you methods to obtain the password, but many times such files are simply an attempt to make you register on an adult site or to seek information like your email etc. Try to avoid such files if unlocking them needs your personal information. Such files may also be containing malicious content or virus, so it is best to keep a safe distance.

Is it a fast or slow torrent?

A torrent may be a fast torrent or a slow one. A fast torrent gives you fast download while slow torrent gives you waiting hours. Read the user comments to know about the download speeds available. Also, looking at the number of times a file has already been downloaded gives you a hint. Large number of downloads indicate a fast torrent.

Is it a fake or real torrent?

Again read the user comments from people who earlier downloaded the file to find out if it is fake or real. Browsing through the forums also gives you valuable info regarding that.


After you have downloaded the right file (it should be a small .torrent file with size in KBs) open it with a suitable bittorrent client like utorrent or bitlord to start downloading it. Setting up these download clients is pretty straight forward. Just open the preferences and specify the connection type (specify a proxy if you connect to internet through a proxy) and your download should start.

Try free legal torrent sites and enjoy your downloads…All the best!!

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