Jan 092011
Here is a list of 8 super sure ways to download any kind of videos especially Youtube Videos and streaming videos and streaming music files or audio files from practically any website. Download online videos and audio using these simple but powerful utilities.
Download youtube videos

1. Video Download by Orbit Downloader

Orbit is a well known download manager.It is one of the best softwares to download streaming videos and other media from Youtube and other video sites like Metacafe,Dailymotion etc.Just follow the following steps.
b) Go to Tools and enable the following options
– Browser Monitoring
– Enable ‘Getit’ button for catching media
c) Now when you play the Audio/Video on Youtube or any other online streaming media site you will see a small ‘Getit’ button hovering over the video.Just click it and your download will start. However sometimes this button may not appear due to loose browser integration.In that case open the Orbit interface and inside the Tools menu click on Grab++.
Download youtube video by orbit
A small window will pop-up.Now whenever you play any media (Audio,Video or FlashFile) on any site, the download URL of that file will be captured by Grab++ as shown below.
Download youtube video by orbit
Just select the file and click on download to start downloading it by Orbit.Remember that Filename may be generic so use the ‘size’
attribute to decide upon the right file to download.

2.Video Download by Firefox Plugin

Download youtube video by firefox plugin

Video Downloader addon is another useful Firefox addon and integrates well with FireFox browser to let you download  and save video [Flash / Streaming video] from 50 plus number of streaming-video sites. Install Video Downloader addon from mozilla addons site and restart firefox. A new icon appears in the bottom-right corner of firefox window. When your video is playing click on this Video Downloader icon in firefox.URL of the playing video appears in a pop-up window.Click on the URL  to download the playing video.
To install this addon to download youtube videos either go to Mozilla Addon website or install Video Downloader addon here.

3. Video Download by Chrome Bookmarklet

Google has removed all youtube video downloaders from it’s official Chrome extension site and is working hard to prevent download of Youtube videos from Chrome Browser (But why Google???) . Any third party extension which you may deploy may not work or  may work only for some time. Meanwhile you can try this javascript bookmarklet to download your favorite Youtube videos.   Install this Javascript Bookmaklet or plugin through Chrome’s Bookmarks Bar.
Open Chrome and Go to Menu>Tools > Always show bookmarks bar.
Download youtube video by  chrome extension
Right click on the bookmarks bar anywhere and select the option “Add Page”.
Download youtube video by chrome add on
Then paste the following code without quotes in the URL field.
HTML.split(“&”); for(i=0;i<=w.length-1;i++) if(w[i].split(“=”)[0] ==
“fmt_url_map”){links=unescape(w[i].split(“=”)[1]);break;}abc =
links.split(“,”);for(i=0;i<=abc.length-1;i++){fmt=abc[i].split(“|”)[0];if(fmt==5){url = abc[i].split(“|”)[1];window.location.href = url;}}”

Write something like “Download Youtube” in the Name field and press OK. You will see a bookmark named “Download Youtube” in your bookmarkbar.
Download youtube video by Google Chrome bookmarklet
Next time when your video plays just click on this bookmark and you will be prompted to save the video file without an extension. Save it and play in any Flash player or VLC player and enjoy!!

4. Video Download by Flashcatch IE plugin

Flashcatch is a useful IE plugin to download streaming videos and other media from Youtube and similar sites in  Internet Explorer.Just download Flashcatch and install it.A Flashcatch Button will appear in your Internet Explore interface window.
Download youtube video by flashcatch IE plugin
Click this button while video is playing and video will start downloading.This plugin works on Firefox too.

5. Download Streaming videos with Keepvid

Download youtube video by keepvid
Keepvid is an online service to download Youtube videos.Just copy the video’s URL from the address bar and paste in Keepvid URL field and hit Download button. You will get a list of links to download your video in various formats. KeepVid supports the following websites:
YouTube, MegaVideo, Flickr, Dailymotion, Facebook, Google Video, Vimeo, Metacafe, Photobucket, eHow, TED, TwitVid, Ning, Current, Clipfish.de, blip.tv, Break, Tudou.

6.Download Streaming videos with Savevid

Download youtube video by Savevid
Savevid is a similar online service like Keepvid.It currently supports YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Break, Veoh, MySpace, Revver, Blip.tv, WeGame, Tangle, 5min, Game Trailers, LiveVideo.com, RuTube, FaceBook, Vimeo, current, Funny Or Die, eHow.

7. Dowload Videos through Real player

Download and Install Real Player 11.Now when you play a video on Youtube or some other site a small button will appear on the video prompting you to “Download Video”.
Download youtube video by Realplayer
Click on this button to download the video to the default folder. Default folder is “RealPlayer Downloads” inside “My Videos” folder.

8. Save online video with  VideoCacheView

This small utility is quite handy and useful to download streaming flash videos or other media like audio files etc. It works by  scanning the browser cache of Internet Explorer (IE) and Firefox, Opera etc. and presenting the URLs of  all video files available in cache.
Download youtube video by VideoCacheView
Desired video can be extracted  from the cache and you can save it to your hard disk for offline viewing. Download VideoCacheView here to save online media to your computer and install it. The utility has a simple interface which detects the cached video file while the video is being played in browser and allows downloading  to desired location.
We have tried all these methods and you can download practically any streaming content off any website using these tools.If you know of  a better way please share with us in comments.