May 242012
making of Nokia 808 Pureview (41 Megapixel camera phone)

Nokia 808 Pureview is a 41 Megapixel camear phone from Nokia. Watch the making of  Nokia 808 Pureview shot Using Nokia Pureview itself. This video is a testimony to Nokia Pureview’s camera capabilities. Watch it NOW!!

The phone is the ultimate camera smartphone in the mobile market right now. If you are a photography enthusiast this camera phone is a must have as it gives you unmatched picture quality and image depth while simultaneously provideing the convenience of a smartphone. More specifications of Nokia 808 Pureview can be found here.

Watch this Youtube  video to know how this phone was made over a period of 5 years.

This Nokia phone is also an awesome camera for still photography. Carl Zeiss lens and cutting edge image processing technology allows beautiful vivid 5MP images and Full HD videos. You can see a complete collection of Nokia 808 Pureview still photographs on Flickr . My favorite snap is here for your eyes.

 Courtesy : Flickrnokia pureview still photos


Nokia Pureview has in-built photo sharing to share your photos instantly to Facebook. You can also see your photos on a HD TV. It’s 41 Megapixel image sensor also captures amazing photos in low light.

Overall, Nokia Pureview is a photographer’s delight. What do you think?? Tell us in comments below!!

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