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BSNL Tablet Penta-T-pad : Price and Buying Guide

Price of  BSNL Penta tablet and comprehensive guide to buy a BSNL Tablet. Learn where to book and how to buy a BSNL Penta tablets. These tablets offer huge savings on tablet cost as more than 80% of tablet cost is recovered through an exclusive BSNL data plan.

These tablets have generated quite a hype and as reported, over 1 Lakh tablets have been pre-ordered. This Penta range of tablets is manufactured by Pantel Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  BSNL Tablets are in the price band of Rs. 3250/- to Rs. 13500/-

BSNL Penta tablet Models Available

T-Pad IS701R       – Price Rs. 3250

T-Pad WS704C    – Price Rs. 10999

T-Pad WS802C    – Price Rs. 13500 

BSNL Penta tablet complete Specifications

 See Feature Comparision Chart for Penta Tpad Tablet.

BSNL Penta tablet Available from (Date)

                                                      March 01, 2012

Price of BSNL Penta tablets

BSNL Tablet Penta-T-pad : Price and Buying Guide

How to order BSNL Penta tablet

BSNL Tablet can be ordered on Pantel Website. Find below links to buy a Penta Tpad BSNL tablet of your choice.

Book T-Pad IS701R Tablet

Book T-Pad IS704C Tablet

Book T-Pad IS802C Tablet

Where to buy BSNL Penta tablet

Penta Tablets are available exclusively from Pantel website.

Competing Products

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  • UBISlate+ (Aakash 2)
  • iPad
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab

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