Aug 012011

If you are using 3G or GPRS for internet surfing on your mobile phone then here are some tips and tricks to improve the speed of your 3G or GPRS web surfing on your mobile phone. This article talks about how to tweak your Mobile phone settings to enjoy faster 3G or GPRS Mobile internet.


Tips and Tricks to improve the speed of your 3G or GPRS Mobile web surfing

1. Clear your ‘Browser Cache’ after using  GPRS for 20-40 minutes and start surfing again.

2. Try opening  mobile versions of websites (Wap-sites) to have a fast GPRS experience. Most of the smartphone browser should automatically open the mobile version of a website.

3. Use a fast Mobile Web Browser like Opera mini, UCweb,etc. to speed up your GPRS web surfing.

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4. Try using GPRS in an area where Signal is strong to have a faster GPRS web surfing

5. Clear unwanted files images etc. from phone memory. Also, reset mobile  “Data Counters” and clear other logs to free up your phone memory  for faster GPRS web surfing.

If you have any other tried and tested trick we will be happy to hear that in comments!!