Sep 302011
10 breathtaking concept Cellphones [PHOTOS]

Cellphones are an integral part of our daily activities. Future cellphones will bring an array of new designs and features that will revolutionize the mobile telephony world.Here is a compilation of 10 amazing concept mobile phones which are guaranteed to take your breath away when they arrive!!


1. Tower Lily

Pantech phone designs for cellphone design contest.

breathtaking concept Cellphones

2. LG Traveler

A rugged phone concept with an integrated portable USB drive

amazing concept mobile phones

3. Wearable mobile phone

It uses your hand as an extension of the phone itself.

concept Cellphone

4. Matchbox Cellphone

Use and Throw design philosphy

concept Cellphones

5. Nokia Morph

Nanotechnology device which can change shape to become a handset, wristband or a full featured Tablet.

compilation of 10 amazing concept mobile phones

6. Nokia 888 Mobile Phone
Nokia 888 is a flexible phone which can be worn on wrist.

amazing concept mobile phones

7. Seabird Concept
A cool phone from Mozilla labs which works on projection technology.

Future cellphones

Recommended: Watch Seabird’s Concept video.

8. Nokia Open

A scrollable display mobile phone design by  Hugo Danti.

breathtaking concept Cellphones

9. Sony Ericsson FH

A rotating display phone which gives side by side dispalys with a foldable design.

breathtaking concept Cellphones

10.  Samsung Jot Rotary Dial

A concept mobile phone design with a capacitive OLED display and stylus.

breathtaking concept Cellphones

Choose your favorite design and don’t forget to tell us in comments !!!

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