May 182012
Windows 8 Metro UI Transformation Pack For Windows 7, Win Xp and Win Vista

Earlier We have covered free Windows 8 Metro UI themes to give your desktop a look, feel and style of Windows 8. Now, you can download and install Windows 8 Transformation Pack For Windows 7, Win Xp and Vista to get  Windows 8 interface.

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Note : Don’t forget to create a system restore point and take backups of your Win 7 or Vista or XP desktop before applying these Transformation packs. This will help you to quickly reverse the settings to your original settings if anything goes wrong.

1.Windows 8 Transformation Pack 2.0

This is the best way to get Windows 8 Metro UI look and feel on your older desktop machine. This transformation pack supports Windows XP / 2003 / Vista / XP X64 / Vista64 / 7 / 7 x64.

 Windows 8 Transformation Pack  For Windows 7,Win Xp & Vista

So, whichever is your current operating system you can install this on Windows 7/XP/Vista to Windows 8 transformation pack to enjoy the new Metro UI from Microsoft.

Download: Windows 8 Transformation Pack 2.0

 2. Windows 8 Rainmeter Customization  for    Windows 7

This transformation uses the theme Omnimo, which is a skin for popular desktop customization application Rainmeter. To install this theme, you need to first download and install Rainmeter and then you can install Omnimo skin to get that Metro UI look.

Windows 8 Metro UI Style Transformation Pack

Download Rainmeter here.

Download Omnimo 4 Skin here.

Install Rainmeter first. Then download and unpack the Omnimo archive (zip) and run “setup.rmskin”  file. Select the Windows 8 theme after intro and you have the desired Win 8 theme on Windows 7. Enjoy!!

Download these Windows 8 Metro UI Transformation packs and tell us your experience and feedback in comments!!

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