Apr 282012
Why Google Drive is the Best Cloud Storage Solution ?

Google recently launched Google Drive: A cloud storage solution from Google. While there are other established players in the cloud storage space, here we have listed 5 reasons why Google will be the ultimate winner of this ongoing competition for Cloud storage provider’s crown.

1. File Content Search Powerhouse

Search is Google’s USP and this search capability of online search giant will be greatly leveraged in its cloud storage offering i.e. Google Drive.

  • You will be able to search your documents faster and with a far greater accuracy.
  • Google Drive search is equipped with both text recognition and image recognition technologies. This simply means that you can search contents of  even scanned documents and PDFs using OCR.
  • if you write “Rose” as image search term, all your photos stored in Google Drive with a “Rose” featured in them will show up.
  • This holds great potential for enterprise customers who may be storing tonnes of data on the Google cloud storage.

2. Export, Download and Share Data quickly

Google Drive offers a variety of ways to export your data.

  • You can export your files and folders to Google Docs for further editing or sharing.
  • You can download your data anytime and share it with publicly or with a specified set of people.
  • Also, You can email any file from your Google Drive account as an email attachment using your Gmail address.
  • Moreover, you can add apps from Chrome web store to enhance your Google Drive functionality.

3. Google’s level of Security

If you already use Gmail you know how secure all Google products have always been.

  • You get best security options (like two step verification on Gmail which asks you to input a random mobile sms code every time you login).
  • Better recovery options (mail, security question and the best: mobile phone sms code).
  • Also you can prevent users from downloading files from your cloud storage drive.

All these security features are available for Google Drive giving you that added assurance about your personal files and data.

4. Big file size upload facility

Upload limit is 1 GB for  Google Drive which should be sufficent for all practical purposes. Among its competitors, Microsoft Skydrive offers 2 GB upload limit while the popular Dropbox service offers 300 MB upload limit through website.

5. Ample storage space for personal use

Google Drive offers 5GB of cloud storage capacity for free, 25GB for $2.49/month and 100GB for $4.99/month. Free storage is sufficient for storing personal data and prices for increased capacity are also very competitive. Given that you get all the features of Google ecosystem like Gmail, Google Docs, Google+ etc. integrated with your Google drive makes it a far better offer than the competitors.

Google Drive is currently available for PC, Mac and Android phones /tablets. There is no Google Drive app currently for iPad or iPhone.

This post was originally published on Indigic.com