May 082012
check software updates

UpdateChecker is a small free tool from popular download service FileHippo, which scans your computer or PC and tells you which of your software need updates along with the update download links. Check it out!!

Why you need to update your software regularly :

You may consider using this free update tool to update your Windows software because of the following reasons:

  • Security : Old versions of software like old Adobe Reader or old version of Real Time Player may be a big security risk for your windows desktop because these old versions provide back-doors for hackers etc. to attack your computer and steal your information. Hence Update your software regularly.
  • It is difficult to regularly monitor and update all software and applications installed on your computer.
  • You can try and enjoy new added features and enhancements in the newer version of your software.
  • Updated versions of your software runs better (well mostly!!) on your Windows desktop improving the overall performance of your computer.

How Update Checker Tool helps you keep your computer updated :

UpdateChecker is a small free tool which scans your computer or PC

UpdateChecker simply scans your PC for installed software and sends the version info to FileHippo servers. FileHippo searches its database to check if newer and updated versions of these software are available for download. You are notified of available updates in the form of a web page along with download links.

regularly monitor and update all software

Download UpdateChecker here to update all installed software on your computer.

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