Sep 272011
Schedule mails to be sent later in Gmail with Boomerang

Ability to schedule emails to be sent later in Gmail will make this otherwise excellent email service absolutely perfect. Now, you can schedule your emails in Gmail to be sent at a later time using a free service called Boomerang which helps you to select a later date and time to send your mail to your desired recipient.

Gmail team is working on schedule mail functionality in Gmail as per Google discussion forums but it is uncertain when this functionality to send mails later will be incorporated in Gmail.

Scheduling or setting mails to be sent at a specified time in future is advantageous  in following scenarios:

  • Schedule sending Birthday message and other occasional wishes to your contacts or friends in so that you don’t miss wishing them even if you forget.
  • Send official communication at a specified date and time.
  • Send an email after a fixed period of time.

Boomerang is a free service which work with Gmail as a Gmail mail scheduler, to allow you to send your emails later at a date and time specified by you. Boomerang is available as a Chrome Extension or a Firefox Addon for Gmail. Once installed, it adds a boomerang menu item and a “Send Later” button to your Gmail interface to enable schedule  email feature in Gmail.

Schedule mails to be sent later in Gmail

When you want to schedule or set your email to be sent on a later date and time just proceed to write a normal email using ‘Compose mail”  button in Gmail. When finished writing the mail, put in the recipient address etc. Just click on “Send Later” button to open a drop down menu. You can choose from a set of pre-defined schedules or specify a set time and date for sending your email.

Schedule mails to be sent later in Gmail with Boomerang

Mails to be sent later are stored in drafts and moved to a separate folder (called Boomerang Outbox) at the set time to be sent to the recipient.

See this Boomerang demo on Youtube to see it in action.

Note: For the first time access, you will have to grant permission to Boomerang (or the parent site baydin) to access your Gmail Account. Yes..they have full access to your mails, so this extension to send mails later is not for you if you are too concerned about the privacy of your mails !!

Try Boomerang with Gmail to schedule emails to be sent in future and give your feedback in comments !!

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