Sep 282011
corrects motion blur in photographs or images

We all love to click pictures!! Everywhere availability of affordable camera phones has only increased our love for capturing images and share them with loved ones. But what if your otherwise great looking photograph was marred by a slight shake of your hand making image blurred? Unshake is a free tool which corrects this blur due to camera shake.

Unshake (also known as Meerkat ) is a freeware Java program which corrects motion blur in photographs or images. It is particularly effective in correcting and removing blur from photos or images with a camera shake. See example below (Sample images from Unshake website).

Remove Camera shake blur from your photos

The good thing about Unshake is that it is Java based and hence will run on most platforms and operating systems. You simply need Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed on your computer which in all probability you already have. If you still can not find JRE installed on your system just download and install it here .

Now all you have to do is :-

1. Download Unshake and unzip the file.

2. The unzipped folder contains two sub folders named Source and Results. Obviously blurred or shaken images/photos are to be placed in Source folder and corrected images are to be found in Results folder.

3. Program is launched by double clicking the file “Launch.bat” in the Unshake folder. See detailed installation and usage instructions here.

Unshake configuration to remove image blur

3. You will find a list of all images in “Source folder” and you can choose which photo you want to correct.

4. Photo’s camera shake blur is removed under two choices – Normal Blur or Severe Blur. You can try both for your original image and pick the best looking photo.

5. Just choose your option and hit the “DeBlur” button. Default settings work fine in most cases but you can play around to get the best result.

I found it pretty impressive for my personal photographs specially those that I captured using my Mobile phone.

Now just dig into your old archive to spot shaken photos and correct the image blur using Unshake!!

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