Jun 242012

Microsoft Surface has some unique features that makes it stand out and makes it different from current crop of tablets like Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab. Here we look at 5 things that make Microsoft Surface Tablet special.

Microsoft Surface Tablet


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1. VaporMg Case

Microsoft Surface VaporMag case

It is read as Vapor-Mag. Microsoft Surface Tablet sports a VaporMg case. The manufacturing involves depositing fine Metal particles in molds giving a high quality and high strength finish with a significantly lower weight. This VaporMg case gives Microsoft Surface a sleek cool look and thin form-factor. Really classy!!

2. Kickstand

Microsoft Surface Kickstand

Most of us always wished we could use our tablets in a more convenient way (read “more laptop way”) while doing particular activities like watching a movie. Surface solves this by providing an unobvious Kickstand at the back of device, which will open up at 22 degree angle to give you a comfortable viewing angle and let your surface tablet stand on it’s own. In case of iPad, third party addon stands are available but none of them is as integrated as this.

3. Magnetic Keyboard

Microsoft surface touch cover keyboard

Again this feature bridges a critical gap between existing tablets and ultrabooks – The Keyboard. Microsoft has given Surface a touch cover that doubles up as a unique pressure sensitive full fledged keyboard which magnetically docks to your Surface tablet and lets you type on your tablet just as you would on your Laptop or Ultrabook. No wonder it resembles a mini laptop when standing on Kickstand with Keyboard docked. Again, third party addon keyboards are available for iPad, but at extra price and not integrated with the tablet.

4. Metro UI Windows 8

Microsoft surface windows metro UI

Another feather in the cap for Surface is its Windows 8 Metro UI. Metro UI uses a tiled interface with live updating tiles. It is an innovative UI design which is specially suited to tablet touch computing. Besides it also has the great functionality, extendability and stability of Windows 8 which is already a hit among consumers even before its final release.

5. Palm block Pen

Surface pen palm block

Microsoft Surface features a unique two digitizer system. One digitizer is for Touch input and the other is for Digital Ink with Pen or Stylus input. It is really convenient and accurate as demonstrated by Microsoft. Moreover, Surface recognizes when the stylus is near the screen and automatically switches off the touch input (Palm Block). Pretty useful indeed!!

Besides these features, Surface Pro has an Intel processor with enough power to function as a full fledged Laptop (means you can run full featured windows applications on it) but with a Tablet form-factor. Microsoft Surface is expected around October later this year.

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