Mar 152012
Insert or embed Youtube Video in Powerpoint 2010 presentation

Guide on how to insert a YouTube Video in a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. Using this tutorial you can add videos from YouTube to your PowerPoint slideshow and presentations.

Steps to insert Youtube Video in a Powerpoint (PPT or PPTX) presentation or Slideshow

1. Download YouTube Video PowerPoint Addin (YouTube Video Wizard (YTV)) here from OfficeTips.

This will download a Zip archive to your hard drive.

2. Extract the contents of  YouTube Video PowerPoint Addin  Zip archive.

3. Double click on the extracted .ppam file to install YouTube Video PowerPoint 2010 Addin.

4. Now open a new presentation in your Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and click on “Insert” tab. You will find a new item “YouTube Video” added to your PowerPoint ribbon menu as shown below.

add youtube to powerpoint

5. Now to insert a YouTube video in a slide just click on this YouTube Video PowerPoint Addin to open a YouTube video wizard. Just paste the desired YouTube video URL (as shown below) in the YouTube video wizard window.

insert a YouTube video in a slide

6. You can select some other options also like playing the video once or in a loop and the size of video in the PowerPoint 2010 presentation slideshow.

insert video in ppt

7. Click finish and your YouTube video will appear in the desired PowerPoint 2010 slide.

8. If you don’t see the video immediately, then please wait for a moment for video to load from internet. Otherwise just play the PowerPoint slideshow to see the YouTube video inserted in the PowerPoint 2010 presentation slideshow.

This YouTube Video PowerPoint Addin - YouTube Video Wizard (YTV) – will insert YouTube Video in both PowerPoint 2007 and PowerPoint 2010. To insert YouTube Video in PowerPoint 2003 presentation slideshow, download YouTube Video PowerPoint Addin - YouTube Video Wizard (YTV) here.

Inserted YouTube video requires internet connectivity to play in your PowerPoint slideshow. Video may not play correctly in case of poor Internet connectivity. To avoid this situation, you can download YouTube videos to your desktop and convert YouTube videos to AVI format using and then insert video in your PowerPoint presentation.

Now spruce up your presentations by inserting YouTube videos and charm your audience!!

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