Dec 112011
How to set DNS server on your desktop or Laptop?

In response to our earlier post on “how to find the fastest DNS servers to fetch webpages superfast” many users ask us how to set DNS servers on their windows machines either desktop or laptop. Here is a short tutorial on setting DNS servers on your computer.

What is a DNS server?

DNS stands for Domain Name System and a server mapping domain names to relevant IP addresses on internet for a requesting client machine is called a DNS server. Domain names are internet names used to identify websites for example is an internet domain name. runs on a webserver with an IP address written like to identify the correct address to reach

A DNS server helps to map thousands of website names to such web addresses (IP addresses) in its database and help internet users reach the correct webserver for their desired website. Detailed information is available here.

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Steps to set DNS server in your windows desktop or Laptop/Netbook.

1. Click on the small network icon in the system tray in the bottom right corner of your desktop to open network properties of your “Local Area Connection”.

Steps to set DNS server

On Windows vista and Windows 7 on clicking that network icon a small balloon with different options will appear. Just click on “Network and Sharing center” and a new window will open with all your networking options. Click on “View Status” to open your “Local Area Connection”.

Steps to set DNS server

2. Click on “Properties” button to open a new pop up window.

3. Select “Internet Protocol(TCP/IP)”  and hit the  ”properties” button. If both ipv4 and ipv6 protocols are listed then select  ipv4 option.

Steps to set DNS server

4. A new pop up window will open. Here you will find the option to set your DNS server. You can set two IP addresses : Preferred DNS server and Alternate DNS servers.You can use either your ISP’s DNS server (most of the time ISP’s DNS servers are the default settings). You can also use OpenDNS servers or Google DNS. In short you can set any relevant DNS server IP as DNS setting.

Steps to set DNS server

5. Once DNS settings are done just hit OK and you are done.

Now surf internet faster and enjoy!!!