Oct 182011
how to open unknown file extension with Openfreely

Openfreely is a free utility to open most of the common file types on Windows. You can install Openfreely to replace all other Memory and resource consuming softwares to run your computer or Netbook faster and more efficiently.


If your desktop has a low-end configuration and you find it difficult to install and run separate softwares to handle different file types and file extensions, Openfreely is just the free software utility you need. Also, instead of skimming the internet to find a program to open a file with an unknown file type or extension, you can simply use Openfreely to open it for you. You can installl just one software i.e. Openfreely without installing any common softwares like MS-office, adobe reader, Winamp music player , or a video player and you will still be able to open all your files quickly.

Main advantages Openfreely offers as a free and versatile file opening software are:

1. Open all document files with extensions  like .Doc, .Docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx, .pdf, .odt, .sxw and all other commonly used office document file types.

2. Open other files like Zip files, Jar files , music files and video files etc.

A full list of File extensions supported by Openfreely is available here.

3. You can open, edit, save and print files directly from Openfreely.

4. Replace other resource hogging bulky software to save computing resources and run your machine faster.

Main software you can say goodbye after installing Openfreely are:

  • Office Suite like MS-Office, or Openoffice etc.
  • Archiving software like WinZip or WinRar or 7 Zip.
  • PdDF software like Adobe acrobat reader.
  • Image viewing software like Irfanview etc.
  • Media Players like Music player (winamp etc.) or Video players (VLC, JetAudio etc.)

For owners of devices like tablets, netbooks and low end desktops Openfreely can save considerable amount of resources like RAM and hard disk space.

You can download and install Openfreely here.

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