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Free online Image editing extensions

A list of 5 free online image editor extensions (or Add-Ons) that work directly from your browser for any web image. This list includes image editing extensions for Internet Explorer (IE), Gooogle Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Maxthon web browsers. These online image editors are ideal for quick on-the-fly online image editing.

1. Picnik

Free online Image editing extensions

Picnik is one of the foremost online image editing tools available for free. It is available as an extension for Internet explore(IE), Gooogle Chrome, Firefox add-on and a bookmarklet for Apple Safari browser.  You can Right-click on any web image to edit it in Picnik or invoke Picnik from tools menu. Screen capture functionality is also available in Picnik.

Install Picnik for your browser

2. ZoomInto

Free online Image editing extensions

ZoomInto allows you to zoom a web image and edit it online for free. You can save the edited image and shre it directly on Facebook or Twitter. ZoomInto is available as an online image editing add-on to Internet explore(IE)Gooogle ChromeFirefox , Maxthon and Apple Safari browser. However it supports only Jpeg and Tiff image formats.

Install ZoomInto for your browser

3. Open IT Online

Free online Image editing extensions

Open IT Online is a well known free service for online opening and editing of various document formats including word, pdf , excel and powerpoint documents. It has a built-in Image editor as well to edit images online. Supported image formats are (*.jpg, *.gif,*.png, *.bmp, *.psd). Open It Online is available as extension to Internet explore(IE)Gooogle ChromeFirefox , Flock and Opera 11 browser.

Install Open IT Online for your browser

4. Picture2Life

Free online Image editing extensions

Picture2Life turns your web browser into an online image editor. Picture2Life offers many sleek effects including some animation effects. You can also make picture collages or Facebook Banners. You can install Picture2Life as an add-on for Google Chrome and Firefox web browsers.

Install Picture2Life for your Chrome

Install Picture2Life for your Firefox

5. Pixlr

Free online Image editing extensions

Pixlr works as a Google Chrome extension or Firefox Add-on. Install the addon and you can grab a screenshot of any part of a webpage by clicking on the Pixlr icon in the menu bar. When done with the selection, you are offered the option to either edit the image in Pixlr editor or share it on social networks or save it to your PC.

Install Pixlr for your browser

Note: In case any of the Firefox add-on does not work with your version of Firefox you can see our guide on how to install incompatible Firefox add-on by editing it to make it compatible with your version of Firefox.

If you often need to edit images quickly online for professional purposes or for sharing on Facebook or other social networks these free online image editors are the best ones available. Try any of these and we would love to hear your feedback in comments!!

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