Mar 222012
download and install Win 8 beta

Microsoft has released a consumer preview or beta version of its next generation operating system – Windows 8. If you are a Windows lover then you can download and try this much stable version of Windows 8 absolutely free.

Windows 8 brings along a host of never before features including the all new MetroUI. Live Tiles concept of MetroUI will keep your social network information updated all the time. It is more friendly and powerful on the new age touch devices. However if you are much comfortable with your mouse and keyboard Windows 8 beta gives you ample support for that too.

Download Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Microsoft earlier released the developer version of Windows 8 for download. This consumer preview is a much advanced version where you get a really close feel of the actual product.

Windows 8 download can be done through Microsoft Website.

You can either

Download Windows 8 Setup File.

or you can

Download Windows 8 ISO image.

Sizes of various  files available for download are as given below:

Windows 8 Setup File.

Windows 8  installer is 5 MB in size. Main setup is approximately 3 GB.

Windows 8 ISO Image.

64-bit (x64) OS – SIZE   3.3 GB.  

32-bit (x86) OS – SIZE    2.5 GB.

Windows 8 Hardware requirements are same as in Windows 7. So if you are a Win 7 customer, you do not need to upgrade your hardware.

You can download and install Win 8 beta on your existing Win 7 desktop by dual booting your desktop with Windows 8. Instructions on how to dual boot your Windows 7 PC with Windows 8 Consumer Preview can be found here.

Be the torch bearer!! Try out Windows 8 Consumer Preview and tell us if it meets your expectations!!