Oct 132011
Check your browser security using Yourbrowsermatters.org

Web has become our preferred medium for shopping, travel planning, banking and other online transactions. As all these online money transactions are carried out on your computer browser, it has also become a big source of internet frauds and financial crimes. To avoid these risks, check your browser security status first using Yourbrowsermatters.org for ultimate online security.

Browser security depends on a number of factors like:

1. Your Browser itself – Underlying architecture of your web browser.

2. Security Settings in your browser

3. User sense and judgement of online security

4. Adequate Malware protection and virus protection.

To check the security status of a browser yourself is a bit tedious. Yourbrowsermatters.org is a website to help you test your browser quickly for compliance to  security standards. Most probably you are using Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari web browser for surfing online. All browsers claim to be secure but still you should check the browser compliance to security standards.

Microsoft has launched a new website yourbrowsermatters to help you identify easily how secure your browser is.This website also gives you generally iuseful information about internet security issues like malware etc.

Check your browser security using Yourbrowsermatters.org

Yourbrowsermatters.org also tells you ways to prevent online security breaches. It enlists a number of ways to help you stay safe online while surfing the web.

Visit yourbrowsermatters to find out how secure your browser is and other things you need to know to shop securely online and for overall online security of your transactions.

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