Oct 072011
Browse Facebook visually through FlickNav Facebook photo browser

Facebook is a wonderful place to share photos. FlickNav is a tool to browse photos of your friends and post comments on them. FlickNav is a windows alternative to PhotoBrowser – the free Facebook photo viewer for Mac. Read on to know how to install FlickNav photo viewer for Facebook on windows.

FlickNav is an Adobe Air application. That means you must have Adobe Air installed on your windows computer for FlickNav to run. Here is a step by step procedure to install FlickNav and enjoy browsing Facebook Photos of your friends in style.

1. Install Adobe Air here.

2. Download and install FlickNav here.

3. Start FlickNav from start menu. You will be prompted to log in with your Facebook login. Just log in and enjoy browsing Facebook in a visual way using FlickNav.

Browse Facebook visually through FlickNav Facebook Photo Browser

Note: Screenshot burred on purpose to ensure privacy of individuals.

FlickNAv also enable you to download Facebook photos one at a time. Below each photo you see a “Save Photo” button to download that Facebook photo.

You can also add comments to your friend’s photos and read all previous comments. Comments section can be hidden by a button to give you full view of  Facebook photos in the FlickNav pane. Double clicking on a photo zooms in and you can browse photos one by one.

FlickNav is also available for Mac.

So install FlickNav – the free windows Facebook Photo browser and Facebook photo downloader to browse Facebook in a cool style.

Know of any other cool way to browse Facebook?

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