Jun 072011

increase internet speedExperiencing a slow internet connection despite having a decent broadband plan? Make use of these five tried and tested tricks to enhance your Broadband or Dialup internet speed on your computer.



1. Use a Fast Browser

For e.g.

A) Google Chrome :

It is fast web browser by default and is optimized for quick response.

B) Mozilla FireFox (With About:config tweaks) :

Firefox is fast by all means but you can make it run even faster by tweaking its settings via about:config. Read our earlier article on tweaking Firefox settings for speed.

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C) Opera (with Turbo mode):

Opera Turbo boosts up slow internet connections (Dial-up,Wi-Fi,GPRS etc.) to speed up your internet surfing.It uses server side page compression technology to do so and the results are pretty good.The service has to be enabled (which is a single click on the icon in the lower left corner) and effects are visible in a few moments.

2. Stop unwanted programs and services from accessing your Internet connection

Many unwanted programs (specially Malware/virus/trojans etc.) may be using your internet connecton in the background without you even knowing it. Use a simple utility like TCPview to see what processes and programs are eating into your bandwidth usage.

5 killer tips to increase your internet speed

Check if any unwanted process is using high bandwidth and kill it  using windows Task Manager if neccessary. Remember ‘Svchost’ and ‘System’ are windows processes only.They will typically be using only a fraction of the bandwidth.

3. Optimize your computer for maximum speed

By default your computer is not optimized for high network speeds. Download and install Tcp-optimizer to tweak the settings on your computer to make it superfast internet machine.

increase your internet speed

As shown above set your connection speed as per your braodband or internet plan and choose optimal settings. Hit “Apply Changes” and TCP-Optimizer will configure your desktop PC for optimum network speed.

4.  Use the fastest DNS servers

If you feel that though your network bandwidth is sufficient, still your web pages are being loaded slowly or after a delay, may be you are using a slow DNS server to fetch web pages.

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5. Keep your PC virus/malware/trojan free

Finally a word about your computer or machine that actually display your webpages. A slow machine will definitely make the internet surfing look slow even if it is ok. So keep your computer or desktop free of viruses and maicious software to make it run faster. Optimize the settings for fast performance on your PC using system manager in windows. Moreover keep your internet cache settings on to avoid re-downloading of internet files again and again. Keep cache file size large at around 200 MB depending on available memory in your machine.

Just implement these tips to increase your internet speed and see the difference to your internet surfing.

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