Jun 232012
microsoft surface tablet video

Microsoft introduced a new tablet – Microsoft Surface a few days back. We have compiled 3 must watch videos of Microsoft Surface Tablet to give you a little more feel of the next computing revolution.


The Surface tablet has got some good reactions and arouse the curiosity of consumers and analysts about the shiny new Surface tablet. Microsoft Surface tablet is available in two versions Surface RT and Surface Pro. Surface Pro is a more powerful device running on an Intel processor and Windows 8 Operating system.

Microsoft Surface Touch cover and Type cover which doubles as a pressure sensitive keyboard, have generated quite a lot of interest. Watch this video below to understand these Keyboards cum Tablet covers up and close.

Other key features of Microsoft Surface Tablet are Windows Metro UI and “Pen with Palm Block”. Watch these features in action in this clip of Keynote presentation of Surface tablet.

As annonced by Microsoft, Surface Tablets will be available only in Microsoft retail stores after the release of Windows 8 operating system. So wait until October to get your hands on these doolworthy tablets.

What do you think of Surface Tablets ? We would love to hear your comments on this.

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