May 142012
Best Free Windows 8 Metro UI Style Theme For Windows 7 Desktop

Windows 8 Metro UI has captured everyone’s attention for its cool modern looks and innovative interface design. Here are 3 free Windows 8 Metro UI themes to give you a taste of Windows 8 Metro UI style on your Windows 7 or Vista or XP machines before it is available officially.

Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 8 which is in final development phase has generated a lot of interest and enthusiasm among users.

Microsoft has already released a consumer preview of Windows 8 which can be downloaded and installed like a regular operating system. However, to install Windows 8 consumer preview you either need to remove your existing Windows 7 or other operating system or you need to dual boot your desktop. Either way it is a tough and time consuming process.

If you dont want this much hassle and just want to have a simple way to experience the look and feel of Windows 8 Metro UI style, here is a compilation of 3 different Windows 8 Metro UI themes to give you just that.

Note : Don’t forget to create a system restore point and take backups of your Windows 7 or Vista or XP desktop before applying these themes. This will help you to quickly reverse the settings to your original settings if anything goes wrong.

1. Mosaic / NewGen Windows 8 Edition Theme

NewGen (earlier Mosaic) is an application which once installed let you experience the Metro UI theme looks, style and feel. Actually it is a set of widgets which are presented as tiles to give that Metro UI look to your desktop. Both  free and licensed versions are available. Customization options are limited in Free version. The paid version costs $12 for single license.

 Best Windows 8 Metro UI Themes For Your Desktop

In free version/trial, you cannot save settings you made and also cannot install any new widget which are released time to time.

Download Free version here.

Visit Original theme page for other versions.

2. Windows Metro IM Theme

This a similar widgetized application like Newgen. It comes as a complete installer and gives you a customizable Windows 8 theme.

download Windows 8 Metro UI Themes For Your computer

Download Metro IM here.

Visit Original theme page for more details.

3. Windows 8 Metro UI theme for Android 

This is a Windows 8 Metro UI style theme for Android Devices. As per the developer it is “A full System Theme that changes lots of your tablets UI to make it have a metro style“.

Apply Windows 8 Metro UI Themes For Your ANdroid Tablet devices

On your Android device browser, just go to the Metro UI original theme page and click on “Setup and Downloads” tile. A step by step method will guide you to install Windows 8 Metro UI theme on your Android tablet or device.

Download and apply any of these best Windows 8 themes to  your desktop and enjoy the Windows 8 Metro UI until the actual OS arrives.

Using these themes already?? Share your experiences in comments below!!

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