Apr 212012
Generate and use SBI Virtual Credit Card

India’s largest bank State Bank of India (SBI) recently launched its Virtual Credit Card or Debit Card service to facilitate safe and secure transactions for its customers. Here is a step by step guide to generate a SBI Virtual Credit Card for online transactions.

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Nov 042011
website security addon

Website security can be easily compromised by loading a malicious javascript (.js file) when a web page loads. This can easily turn a benign website into a malware serving machine. Use JSview Firefox addon to see and check all javascripts getting loaded when a webpage loads. Read on to learn more and install this website security add-on.

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Oct 132011
Check your browser security using Yourbrowsermatters.org

Web has become our preferred medium for shopping, travel planning, banking and other online transactions. As all these online money transactions are carried out on your computer browser, it has also become a big source of internet frauds and financial crimes. To avoid these risks, check your browser security status first using Yourbrowsermatters.org for ultimate online security.

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Sep 232011
A guide to creating and using a Virtual Credit Card

A guide to creating and using a Virtual Credit Card  instead of your real Credit Card or Debit Card for your online transactions for better online security and safety of your online transactions. Read more to know how to generate a Virtual Credit Card and key benefits of using a Virtual Credit Card. Continue reading »

Sep 112011
Free Software to prevent online security threats

To have a more streamlined and focussed online security, here is a list of 5 free softwares to provide you robust online protection. These free softwares  prevent online security threats, Identity Theft and provide protection against Malware and Phishing attacks.


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Sep 032011
7 tips to secure online payments and safer money transactions

We all use online banking facilities to make online payments and for money transactions like deposit or transfer of money etc.Here are 7 self-taught tips to do online money transfers safely and securely with least risk of  your account being compromised by cyber criminals.


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Jun 112011
Fake Facebook Profile

Recently someone close to me complained of being impersonated on Facebook by a Fake Profile. I looked for ways and means to report the said Fake Facebook Profile and to my shock;  I realized that the procedure was too vague with no clear roadmap to solution to a problem which can have a devastating effect on someone’s life.

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