Apr 292012
Free Cloud Storage Services to Store, Send, Share Large Files Online

Cloud storage is quickly gaining popularity among people who want to access their documents , music, media etc. always, where ever they are and whatever device they are using.Here is a list of 10 Free cloud storage services providers, useful to store and access your important data online. Continue reading »

Apr 282012
Why Google Drive is the Best Cloud Storage Solution ?

Google recently launched Google Drive: A cloud storage solution from Google. While there are other established players in the cloud storage space, here we have listed 5 reasons why Google will be the ultimate winner of this ongoing competition for Cloud storage provider’s crown.

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Apr 222012
SMS to Know Account Balance & Mobile Top Up Using SBI SMS banking.

A brief guide on how you can know your Account balance, Top up your mobile, Transfer funds and Recharge your TataSky or Dish TV connection simply by sending a SMS to State Bank of India (SBI)  using SMS banking.

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Apr 222012
SBI SMS Banking : Registration and Activation from Mobile

If you are a State Bank of India (SBI) customer you can use SBI SMS banking service to avail banking services on the move, simply by sending SMS to SBI from your mobile phone. Here is a brief guide on registering and activating SBI SMS banking service.

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Apr 212012
Generate and use SBI Virtual Credit Card

India’s largest bank State Bank of India (SBI) recently launched its Virtual Credit Card or Debit Card service to facilitate safe and secure transactions for its customers. Here is a step by step guide to generate a SBI Virtual Credit Card for online transactions.

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Apr 142012
15 Free Instagram Photo Sharing Alternatives for iPhone & Android

Popular photo sharing app Instagram has been bought by Facebook recently. If this gives you any reason to worry about your photo sharing needs we have compiled a list of  15 photo sharing apps which can be a worthy Instagram alternative on your iPhone or Android phone.

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Mar 252012
Mozilla Firefox Demo channel for Latest Web Technologies

Are you the one who likes to experience the cutting edge web apps or try out cool games exploiting technologies like Multitouch and HTML5?? Then you must not miss the Mozilla Firefox Demo channel. Find out which are the coolest and  latest web technologies on Firefox demo channel.

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