Jun 052012
Download Rockmelt social web browser optimized for Facebook

Are you a Facebook Addict ? Download Rockmelt web browser to browse web from inside your Facebook profile. Rockmelt is optimized to give you quick access to your Facebook profile whenever you are online. See the review!!
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Mar 252012
Mozilla Firefox Demo channel for Latest Web Technologies

Are you the one who likes to experience the cutting edge web apps or try out cool games exploiting technologies like Multitouch and HTML5?? Then you must not miss the Mozilla Firefox Demo channel. Find out which are the coolest and  latest web technologies on Firefox demo channel.

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Nov 122011
reload all tabs in Google Chrome

Want that “Reload all tabs” option in Google Chrome? “Reload all tabs” is present in Firefox for a long time. You can reload all tabs in Google Chrome at once by installing “Reload All Tabs” extension from the Chrome web store. Read on to know more and install “Reload All Tabs” extension in Google Chrome.

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Nov 012011
Free online Image editing extensions

A list of 5 free online image editor extensions (or Add-Ons) that work directly from your browser for any web image. This list includes image editing extensions for Internet Explorer (IE), Gooogle Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Maxthon web browsers. These online image editors are ideal for quick on-the-fly online image editing.

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Oct 132011
Check your browser security using Yourbrowsermatters.org

Web has become our preferred medium for shopping, travel planning, banking and other online transactions. As all these online money transactions are carried out on your computer browser, it has also become a big source of internet frauds and financial crimes. To avoid these risks, check your browser security status first using Yourbrowsermatters.org for ultimate online security.

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