Apr 102010

Most of us have our blogs in English.That’s the right language choice as English is the most popular business language in the world.
Have you thought of people/audience/users who actually prefer to surf the web in their own language as they are not that comfortable with english.Top examples are users in China,Russia and Japan.And mind you, thats a market big enough to be explored for your products /services.Let’s see what you can do to achieve it.

1.You can reach this wider audience of Non-English speaking internet users by providing them a page in their own language. To accomplish this, visit http://translate.google.com/translate_tools

to get Google Translation Service for your website/blog.
Google gives you a reliable translation service to translate and present your page quickly.This service can be implemented on a website by simply putting in a code snippet provided by Google or in the form of a widget.Recently Google launched a new addition to this service which prompts a non-english user to translate the page to her native language.

Google Chrome browser supports this service automatically.

2. Submit your blog to major Non-english directories and search engines.Though Google is the most used search engine it is still not the favorite among non-english users.In China, Baidu search engine is ahead of Google while Russians rely on Yandex search engine more.Submitting your site to these search engines will give you a foothold in these countries and bring you increased traffic from these places.

A. How to submit your site to Baidu?

Submit your website or blog to baidu (Gives a translated page)

OR visit

http://www.baidu.com/search/url_submit.html (Chinese language page.Use Google Translation to translate)

Simply write your URL, Enter the captcha code and click the Add button to let Baidu index your site.

B. How to submit your site to Yandex ?

Recently Yandex has made it mandatory to register before you can submit your site.Registration is a simple two step process. After registration you will be required to confirm that you have site management rights by pasting a meta tag in your page template.Once you have done that, click on check button and you will see a success message if everything goes well.

3. Visit this page to see more country specific search engines and submit to as many as you wish.You only stand to gain from this excercise.

When you try to submit your URL to these sites particularly Non-english ones you will need to translate non english pages to english.It can be easily done using translate services and plugins.Google Chrome automatically detects the language and prompts you to translate.Otherwise,translate pages using  using Firefox Add on or IE plugin for Internet explorer.

Be happy that now you have made your page accessible to a large Non- English speaking audience.If you have some ideas please share them in comments.

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    That’s really new trick to drive traffic, never thought that way. Will surely give it a try.