Oct 062011
Take screenshot of any webpage or website for free using Kwout

Kwout is a free online service to capture a screenshot from a webpage. Screenshot can be taken of the whole webpage or a part of it. It works on all browsers regardless of the operating system. Read on to know more about Kwout and how you can use it to increase your online productivity.

You may need to use free screen capturing service from Kwout  if

1. You need to take a snapshot of web page immediately but you don’t have a screen capture software installed on the computer you are working on, for e.g. in a cyber cafe.

2. You need to clip a section of a webpage and share it on twitter or facebook quickly with annotation.

3. You want to post the captured screenshot to your website or blog

In all these scenarios the advantage is a quick hassle free service available online everywhere.

You can use Kwout in three ways:

1. Go to Kwout.com. Paste the URL of the webpage you want to clip, in Kwout Demo bar and press the Kwout button.

free online screen capture utility

You will see your desired webpage open in a Kwout window. Just select the area you want to capture on your screen with mouse pointer and press the “cut Out” button. Now you will be presented with your screenshot as well as options to post it to twitter or facebook etc.

Take screenshot of any webpage or website for free using Kwout

Also an embed code is generated to embed the image directly on your website or blog. You can re-size the screenshot and do some basic decoration as well before posting it.

2. Install and Use Kwout as a Firefox Addon here.

3. Install and Use Kwout as a Google Chrome extension here.

So whenever you want to capture web screenshot use Kwout to get a quick service. If you know of similar services don’t forget to mention them in comments below for everybody’s benifit.

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