Nov 042011
website security addon

Website security can be easily compromised by loading a malicious javascript (.js file) when a web page loads. This can easily turn a benign website into a malware serving machine. Use JSview Firefox addon to see and check all javascripts getting loaded when a webpage loads. Read on to learn more and install this website security add-on.

JSView is a Mozilla Firefox addon to see all javascripts and stylesheets which are accessed and loaded when a web page is loading. This add-on can be used to check any website you visit, for absolute security assurance. This high security practice is of paramount importance in case of banking website and online shopping or e-commerce websites.

For website owners also, this JSView firefox security add-on is a boon to analyze your wesite’s external scripts.These javascripts are external files and can be a source of malware and high page load times. This makes it imperative to check regularly that no malicious javascript (.js) file is included in your website source code.

JSView shows all .js and .CSS files included in a web page. After installation, It can be accessed via Right-Click context menu. Just open the webpage and then Right-click to access the JSView add-on. All java scripts and stylesheet  files present on the webpage are listed neatly in JSView. These files can be opened and checked for their content. Common .js files include Google adsense files, wordpress default scripts and other plugin java scripts.

In case you find an unusual file or anything suspicious, just Google it by name and you will know if it is a genuine file or a Malware. Early detection of Malware is also critical for your security on web and the website’s reputation and security.

Install JSView Firefox Add-on

Do you know of any other method or tool to see Javascripts loading on a webpage? Don’t forget to mention it in comments !!