Apr 192012
Google Knol Closing Down. Download and Export Your Content Knols NOW!!

Do you own a Google knol ?? It seems Google’s Wikipedia like service “Google knol” has not worked out well for Google since online search giant is now closing down Google knol service in April. Read on to know how to export your Google knols now!!

Google Knol is a Google service which was launched with much fanfare by Google in 2007 with an aim to build a Wikipedia like world information database. However, the effort has not paid off well and the knol service is already ready to be shown the graveyard door by Google, like some of the earlier Google projects like Google Wave etc.

Google Knol Closing down. Download your content Knols NOW!!

Google knol service will be discontinued in phases. Knols will no longer be viewable from May 1, 2012 but can be downloaded and exported. This will continue till Oct 1, 2012 after which your knols can no longer be viewed, downloaded or exported i.e. Google knol will be completely dead.

For any other information regarding discontinuation of Google knol service see this knol FAQ.

Important dates Regarding Google knol Closing Process

Date when your knol goes offlineMay 1, 2012.

Date till when you can Download and Export your knol : Oct 1, 2012.

Date of Google knol Shutdown : Oct 02, 2012.

How to export your Google knols ?

You can either export your Google knol article to your WordPress.com website or download and export knol as an archive of HTML files. Remember you can only export your knol to blogs hosted for free on WordPress.com. There is no facility to export your Google knol to your self hosted wordpress blog.

You will have to use your Google or Gmail login to access your knols.

Do you own a Google knol ? If yes then its time for some serious action to save your work. All the best!!

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