Sid is an engineer by education and has some fancy notions about the use of web technologies for a better world.

Aug 032008

Google has launched its new service Google Knol to encourage users to contribute articles on their choice of subjects.Its similar to wikipages but with a little difference.Here author’s identity is their for all to see.You can log in with your existing Google account or you can create a new one if you wish.His profile, his other contributions, his ratings etc. is available to viewers.

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Jul 292008

Organizing your digital pictures can be a daunting task if you are an avid collector and have hundreds of digital pics to keep.Moreover you may want to retouch/edit/print/backup your pics on the fly while arranging them.Google Picasa gives you a great tool to reduce your image handling hassles in a major way.

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Jul 262008 have a website or a blog and you want to sell products through it.But where to get that cool ‘Buy it‘ or ‘Add to cart‘ button functionality.Thankfully you can get such a service online at Mal’s E-Commerce website .The website offers both free and paid services but free service is pretty enough for a beginner’s purpose or for a small online store.

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